Sponge Extrusions

FS470 – CLOSED CELL FOAM SEALING TAPE with self-adhesive backing

FS470 Closed-cell industrial grade closed-cell sponge foam made from a blend of PVC, Nitrile and neoprene which will maintain a water tight seal at a minimum of 25% compression. Excellent resistance to weathering, aging, fungi, most chemicals and UV. Remains flexible in temperatures between -40°C to 90°C. Typical applications include automotive seals, insulation seals, weather stripping, vehicle canopies, inspection hatches, and repeat movement closures.

Dimensions SKU   Dimensions SKU
3 x 9mm 1732      
3 x 12mm 1733   9 x 12mm 1743
3 x 18mm 1734   9 x18mm 1744
3 x 24mm 1735   9 x 24mm 1745
3 x 36mm 1736   9 x 36mm 1746
3 x 48mm 1737   9 x 48mm 1747
6 x 12mm 1738   12 x 12mm 1748
6 x 18mm 1739   12 x 18mm 1749
6 x 24mm 1740   12 x 24mm 1750
6 x 36mm 1741   12 x 36mm 1751
6 x 48mm 1742   12 x 48mm 1752

Available per mt or per roll
Also available in 16 & 19mm thick
Other widths available up to 1000mm wide
Bulk rates available on multiple roll orders


EPDM Square, Round & Rectangular Profile

EPDM is a closed cell sponge polymer with excellent compression, high temperature and weather resistance. It has resistance to a wide range of chemicals, acids & alkalis, animal & vegetable oils plus water & steam.

Used for a variety of applications such as door and hatch seals, tipper door seals, concrete water trough seals, silos, isolation pads ………..