• Manufacturing


    Sheet & Strip Rubber
    Solid & Sponge Extrusions
    Weather & Door Seals
    Anti-Vibration Mounts
    Workshop Mats
    Specialty Rubber…………..
  • Agriculture


    Sheet & Strip Rubber
    Foam sealing tape
    Ute Matting
    Weather & Door Seals
    Solid & sponge extrusions
    Abrasive resistant Rubber ……
  • Engineering


    Gasket Material
    Sheet & Strip Rubber
    Solid & Sponge Extrusions
    Weather Seals & Bearing Pads
    Transfer Chutes – Workshop Mats
    Food Grade & Specialty Rubber…..
  • Resources


    Skirting Rubber – Screen Cloth – Abrasive Resistant rubber - Gasket Material
    Weather seals – Workshop Mats & isolation mounts ………..
  • Transport


    Docking Rubber – Pinchweld
    Sheet & Strip Rubber – Weather seal
    Sponge Sealing Strip – Tank Strapping ….......

Maxx Rubber is an independent, locally owned and operated business based in Wagga Wagga NSW


Maxx Rubber is a locally owned and operated business providing a comprehensive range of rubber and rubber related products to suit a wide range of industrial and commercial users.

Whilst based in the Riverina region of NSW, it services all states of Australia through its extensive supplier and transport networks and has also sent product to Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Fiji.

Product lines include sheet and strip rubber, skirting rubber, solid and sponge extrusions, weather seals, Pinchweld, Isolation and anti-vibration Mounts, rubber matting and mats.

A large proportion of the business is in the supply of the more specialised grades of rubber such as abrasion and impact resistant, food grade, chemical resistant, high and low temperature flexibility, outdoor and marine grade and for other specific or demanding applications.

It can also supply rubber as chutes or made / cut to spec lines such as gaskets, isolation strips, bearing pads and seals.

Maxx Rubber, also has the strong backing of national suppliers and manufacturers to provide further advice and solutions to meet the most challenging requirements.

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Examples of the rubber product range

Sheet & Strip

Solid Extrusions

Sponge Extrusions

Rubber Matting

Specialist Rubber

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